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Sensor Evaluation Kits

NVE offers sensor evaluation kits at nominal cost so customers can evaluate these remarkable devices. A number of kits are available:

AG001 AG001-01—Analog Sensor Evaluation Kit
This kit features several types of NVE’s AA and AB series parts, a selection of permanent magnets for activation or bias purposes, and circuit boards to mount the parts for testing.
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AG003-01—AA003 Current Sensor Evaluation Kit

This kit features a circuit board with different trace configurations running under four AA003-02E analog sensors to evaluate the sensor as non-contact current sensors. The board supports current ranges of 0-9 amps, 0-6 amps, and 0-250 milliamps. Boards measure 2 by 1.85 inches (51 x 47 mm) and include four sensors.
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AG903-01E—TDFN Current Sensor Evaluation Kit
These boards support noncontact current measurement up to 5 amps AC or DC. Boards include four AAL024-10E TDFN current sensors on a PCB with four different current-trace configurations. The boards measure 2 by 2 inches (50 mm x 50 mm) and include screw connections for 14 to 30 AWG wire for the current to be measured. Current sensitivities range from 3.8 to 60 mV/V/A for the four configurations.
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AG910/AG911 AG910-07; AG911-07—GMR Switch Evaluation Kits
Several GMR Switches with different magnetic operate points and different output options such as current sink and current source. Magnets and circuit boards for mounting the parts are also included. The AG910-07 kit also includes a zero insertion force (ZIF) socket for easy testing of the MSOP-packaged sensors.
 AG910 Datasheet >      AG911 Datasheet >
AG940-07E—Digital/Analog/Omnipolar/Bipolar Sensor Demo Board
The kit includes a demo board our most popular sensor types: digital, analog, omnipolar, and bipolar. Each sensor drives an indicator LED. A bar magnet is included so you can see for yourself how these remarkable sensors work. The evaluation boards are 3.75 x 5 inches (95 x 127 mm), and are powered by two coin cells (included).
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AG941 AG941-07—ADL-Series Sensor Demo Board
The kit includes a demo board with three ultraminiature, ultralow-power ADL-Series magnetic sensors. Each sensor drives an indicator LED, and a meter shows the sensor power in microamps or nanoamps. A bar magnet is included to activate the sensors. The evaluation boards are 3.75 x 5 inches (95 x 127 mm), and are powered by a coin cell (included).
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AG920 AG920-07—GT Sensor Evaluation Kit
Evaluate gear tooth sensors for measuring rotational speed with a variety of analog and digital GT Sensors, plus the DD001-12 stand-alone signal processing IC. A variety of PCB configurations are provided so the parts can be tested in different housing and barrel sizes, including the M8 housing. Biasing magnets are also included.
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AG921-07—AKL002 Gear-Tooth Sensor Demonstrator
NVE’s newest evaluation kit is a self-contained demonstrator for NVE’s unique AKL digital gear tooth sensor. The battery-powered demonstrator (battery included) is based on an AKL002 sensor. The demonstrator also includes a circuit board with an LED and driver, a biasing magnet, and a gear that can be turned by hand. No assembly required. Dimensions 3" x 3" x 1.5".
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AG93x-07—Angle Sensor Evaluation Kits
Includes an evaluation circuit board with an AAT-Series Sensor, a split-pole magnet, and a plastic magnet locating fixture. The AG930-07E, AG931-07E, and AG933-07E kits include a reference design unity-gain buffer amplifier. An angular reticle on the circuit board aids in characterizing output versus angle. Four versions are available for four different AAT-Series sensors:
 Evaluation Kit         Sensor        Features 
AG930-07E AAT001-10E 1.25 MΩ
AG931-07E AAT003-10E  40 KΩ (ideal for interface to microcontrollers) 
AG933-07E AAT009-10E 6 MΩ for ultralow power consumption
AG934-07E AAT101-10E  625 kΩ full bridge for large output signals 

 AG930/AG931/AG933 Manual >       AG934 Manual >
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AG932 AG932-07—ADT002 Rotation Sensor Evaluation Kit
The kit includes a circuit board with an ADT002 low hysteresis, ultralow-power rotation sensor, a split-pole magnet that can be turned, and simple circuitry to drive LEDs from the sensor outputs. Two LEDs follow the sensor outputs; four others indicate the rotational quadrant. A 3-volt coin cell (included) powers the board.
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AG040AG040 AG040—Nanopower Sensor Demonstration Boards
These kits include demo boards with the ultraminiature, ultralow-power ADL021 magnetic switch. An LED shows the sensor output. A bar magnet is included so you can see for yourself how these remarkable sensors work. Sensor quiescent current is only 100 nA typical; the sensor operate point is 20 Oe; and the sensors are 1.1 mm x 1.1 mm. These miniature evaluation boards are just 1.57 by 0.25 inches (40 x 6 mm). There are two versions: the AG040C is externally-powered, and the AG040B is powered by a three-volt lithium coin cell (included), and the sensor quiescent power consumption is so low that the battery will last indefinitely.

 AG040C Manual >       AG040B Manual >
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Order evaluation kits directly from NVE’s Online Store, or from authorized NVE distributors. The magnets and PCBs are also available separately.

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